Ash Mistry and The Savage Fortress

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Welcome to the age of darkness.

There are some books that they want you to read. The good guys are good and help old ladies across the street and the bad guys are basically a bit naughty and if anyone dies it’s because they weren’t that important anyway and you won’t miss them.

There are other books meant to make you a better person, to learn that caring and sharing is the way to deal with problems and vampires are people too.

Then there are books that are IN. YOUR. FACE. This site is dedicated to those sorts of books.

You are here because, deep down, you know that to defeat evil, you need a touch of evil yourself. 

‘Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress’ is about a boy who learns that to beat the monsters, you need to become something even worse. He starts off just like anybody, happy to hang out with his mates, muck about on computer games and stuff his face on fast food. Just like you and me. And his problems are just beginning. He’s the only one that knows, really knows, that what’s out there in the dark, is very real and very hungry.

Those supernatural beasties aren’t there to be made friends with. They don’t like you; you’re a mortal. They hate you with a passion undiminished after thousands of years and if demons know anything, they know how to hate.

Check out the website. Learn about the demons and their king. Find out more about Ash, his allies, and enemies. The war between gods and monsters is about to explode and Ash stands in the middle of it all. But to be the hero we need, he’ll have to embrace the darkness within...

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