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US COVER REVEAL. ASS-KICKING, don't you think?

Dear Chums,

This is the US cover of the book. I think you'll have to agree it KICKS ASS to the highest degree. So, while I wait for your heart-rates to return to normal 70 bpm from the shock of such an awesome cover I will point out the event depicted (great big crocodile demon bursts through the flames after Ash and his sister Lucky) is NOWHERE near the climax of the book.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "But Sarwat, how came you possibly top such a moment of such EPIC EPICNESS? Will we be needing medical assistance because frankly, our hearts and, perhaps, even bowels, cannot handle the fact there may be events of an even more MIND-MELTING nature? Would you advise changes of underwear?"

Pssh! I say 'Pssh!' You are here, reading this, because you are a hardier breed than the general reading public. I suspect your breakfast are brimstone and iron and that even your grandmothers are brave, muscle-bound and capable of wrestling grizzly bears. 

So, what have we got with the UK covers and the US covers now revealed? Ash. Awesome weapons (my personal fav, the Indian punch dagger). A mysterious golden arrowhead. A huge flaming demon. A gigantic red-eyed crocodile demon. Explosions. Flames and Ash's sister, Lucky, running for her life. But, when all is said and done, we have BAD ASS.

Later, people.


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