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Alan Moore. Michael Moorcock. Mike Carey. Frank Miller. Mike Mignola. Joss Whedon. Seriously, if your don't recognise any of the names listed where have you been for the last 20 years? It's pretty safe to say that modern popular culture has been defined by some of those above. No Moore, no modern superheroes. No Miller, then no Dark Knight. No Moorcock, then no modern fantasy. And Joss Whedon? I think I've made my point.

And they've all been in Tripwire. Many before they were ANYWHERE else. Tripwire Magazine's been up and running 21 years, which is awesome in anyone's book and there's something pretty special being arranged for the 21st Anniversary Edition.

Joel Meadows, as well as being a beautiful human being, is the brains behind all of this. It's been his labour of love and it shows. There's no trend following, no sacred cows left unslaughtered, Tripwire in name and nature. 

Tripwire deserved to be BIG, HUGE, for it's 21st birthday. A party's being planned at Foyles but in the meanwhile we need your help. 

Kickstarter is a crowd-sourcing company. You donate, things happen. The 21st Anniversary Edition of Tripwire needs £10,000 to make it happen in all its beauty. It's over half-way there but (in the best superhero tradition) the clock is ticking and you only have a few more days to make it happen. Here's the link and what's on offer.


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