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DOUBLECROSS, the new 39 Clues series and me!

I've been waiting AGES and AGES to tell you about this SECRET project. And now I can.

Any 39 Clues fans out there? Ah, I can see one or two at the back. Put your hands up higher next time.

 Right. What do we have? International conspiracies going back centuries. Secret alchemy. The most powerful family in history. Branches with traitors, allies and geniuses, good and bad. INSANE HEART-PUMPING TENSION.

 All the best things in life, wouldn't you agree?

 The 39 Clues series is HUGE. Check out the website to get a flavour of what's going on. You can join up, join in. Each copy gives you cards and clues and access to a world-wide network of fans and fanatics.

 The series is too big to explain in a short blog, but I'll try. But there are SPOILERS.

 The Cahills are the most powerful family in the world. An ancestor, in an attempt to cure the plague, discovered a formula that, basically, made the one who drank it into a superhuman.

 The story centres around Dan and Amy Cahill, the latest guardians of this amazing secret and, by the end of series one, the head of the family (which has various sub-branches all specialists in one area).

 There have been three series so far. Now comes the fourth, DOUBLECROSS. Four books and I'll be writing the series climax.

 Most excellent, don't you think?

 And if you know anything about my books you KNOW in your very bones that it will end BIG. And with a body count.


Expect carnage. Expect body bags. Expect... the unexpected.

If you're new to my work, you can get a hint of what I'm about by just picking up any of my books and you'll soon realise that the Cahills are in for an extreme time. I have a habit of killing off main characters.

More to come, agents and chums!

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