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Festivals and what I did on my holidays


Hello! Sorry about the long time no hear but I've been on holiday (and most splendid it was too, thanks for asking) and frankly, haven't had much to blog about apart from doing quite a lot of writing. Which is quite boring!

I've never undertsood why anyone really wnats to be a writer beyond it being the best job in the world though, given the option, being a ninja or astronaut would have been my prefered choices. Anyway...

Some of you may not believe I exist. Yes, there are though who think I'm just too good to be true (a sadly small minority) and those who might believe the world could not be so cruel to create me (a larger group, equally sadly) but to both I say, hold your horses! There are opportunities to meet me in the total FLESH!

BATH LITERATURE FESTIVAL. I will be there on Sunday 29th September with fellow author Sam Gayton. We'll be waffling on and jabbering about all things mythological and adventurous in the afternoon. Details are HERE.

HERTFORD CHILDREN'S BOOK FESTIVAL. I'll be there on Friday 4th October. Not quite sure what I'm doing there, TBH. Just come find me!

Then, off to Wales, to the SPACE, TIME, MACHINE AND MONSTER event. I'm there Sat 19th October. Bring on the AWESOME! Details are HERE

What, you can't make any of those? Fear not, I shall also be at the BARKING AND DAGENHAM READING FESTIVAL with a whole bunch of other cool authors. That's Thursday 5th October evening, I think. More deatils will follow as soon as I have them!

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