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Right, pay attention. The powers that be have decided it's time to let me back out in public. I know, you'd have thought there'd be some international law against it but security measures have been put in place so, I'M FREE! BWAHAHA!

So, you're wondering one of two things. Firstly, is there anywhere you can hide? Nope. There is no escape. Ash #2 is coming out and frankly, I cannot think of a book, certainly none others written by me, more filled with BADASSNESS. This should be the motto

With great power comes great BADASSNESS. Yes, it is a real word.

The second question is, if there is no hiding place, where will I actually be? Well, after book 2 probably somewhere in your darkest nightmares, but before then...

THE IMAGINE FESTIVAL, Fri 22nd Feb. 10.30am and 12.30pm.

Yes, it is south of the river, like all the best things in life. I'll be giving workshops of creating MEGA-HEROES (because superheroes are so 2012). There may be some acting involved. It's running all week so plenty to see and do, and it'll be both EDUCATIONAL & ENTERTAINING. Huzzah! More details HERE.

ASH MISTRY AND THE CITY OF DEATH LAUNCH PARTY! Fri 15th March. 6.30pm 'till 8.30pm.

Also south of the river at Dulwich Books. It will be AWESOME. 'Nuff said. Just email them or something or comment below so I know you're coming. We'll sort out badges later.

LONDON BOOK FAIR, 15th April, details TBC

Yes, I'll be there, chairing a panel! How cool is that? It's the biggest book event in the UK and there will be many splendid things happening. Don't go to any of them, come to mine instead.

And, before I forget, book's out on Thurs 28th February. Write the date on your diary/calender/forehead.


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