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City of Death mini-tour, New York City!


Yes, I'm coming to New York!


Okay, it's gonna be superquick, faster than a speeding bullet type of thing so you'll need to be organized. It's really come out of the blue so if you are around, do come along!


Sat 3rd May, 1-3pm

Books of Wonder

Now I'll be at this most splendid boostore with the following MEGA- authors. Soman Chainani (SCHOOL OF GOOD AND EVIL) and Tui T. Sutherland (WINGS OF FIRE series). Fairies, dragons and demon kings. What more could you possibly want?


Sat 3rd May, 3pm

PEN World Voices Festival

Then, faster than a speeding bullet, I will zoom across town to talk SUPERHEROES, which as you know, are my most favourite things. This will be with Chris Farley and should be really rather good.


Sun 4th May, 12.30pm

PEN World Voices Festival

SEX AND VIOLENCE IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS. This is were the wild things REALLY are. We'll talk, we'll argue. Come and join in.

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