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Ash's sister by another mister...Billi SanGreal

Last week I visited the delightful Dulwich Prep and we talked about all things Ash Mistry. It was rather cool doing a visit where everyone had read the book already so we could take the discussion into realms beyond book 1. There were a few clues to what was coming next, Ash Mistry and the City of Death, hints to the greater world Ash was now part of. 

And that included Billi SanGreal.

I'm a big fan of crossovers and the idea than our heroes tread a path with others. Ash and Billi inhabit the same world and the clues where there in my first ever book, Devil's Kiss. Chapter 23 to be precise. Elaine mentions having a brahman friend who helped her with her astrological predictions. Guess who? Rishi.

Then, in Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress Rishi mentions a group of warriors in London dedicated to fighting the Unholy. It's there in Chapter 11. Yeah, that's him talking about Billi and her crew, the Knights Templar.

Both series are meant to be part of a greater whole. Any fan of the superhero genre knows what I'm talking about and any fan of Michael Moorcock will recognise my homage to his 'Eternal Champion' concept. I've expanded than to the belief (highly appropriate to Ash) of the reincarnated hero, destined to be reborn again and again, trapped in an eternity of war and struggle. Ash #2 takes the concept from Book 1 and goes further. If Ash has been Rama, who else has he been? Some of his previous incarnations may surprise you. I can't tell you more, you'l have to wait 'till Book 2.

I've worked a long time on this, and now's probably as good a time as any to clarify timelines between the two series, Billi SanGreal and Ash Mistry. As Ash progresses the overlaps will become more apparent and, in Ash #2, you meet one of the key players from my first series. Who knows, if things work out I'd love to do an Ash & Billi teamup. I've even got a BIG BAD all lined up for that...

So, establishing timelines, for those who might be interested.

July and August. 'Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress' takes place during the summer holidays. Ash is thirteen. He'll turn 14 at the end of August. Billi turned 15 on the 14th July, Bastille Day. She is just over a year older than Ash.

September. Billi takes part in the Ordeal and joins the Knights Templar. These events are covered in 'Devil's Kiss'.

November. 'Ash Mistry and the City of Death'. The Knights Templar play a small, but critical part in Ash's next adventure.

December/Jan. Billi goes to Russia and faces the immortal witch, Baba Yaga. Bad things happen to the city of Naples. All explained in 'Dark Goddess'.

Jan/Feb. The aftermath of 'Dark Goddess' has a direct effect on Ash Book #3.

After that? Who knows..?

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