Ash Mistry and The Savage Fortress

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Ash Mistry and the City of Death

Well, what do you think? Is it not gorgeous? Do you not want to take it in your arms and cuddle it? I know I do. Well, this is the UK version of Ash 2, due out in only a few more months! You people State-side will have to wait a little while longer, like a year but, hey, you've been busy with elections and hurricanes and so you'll probably need a little rest before picking up Book 2.

What can I tell you about it beyond it will be the most IN YOUR FACE book you'll ever read?

The Amazon thingie does give a few clues away but all you need to know it'll be MORE badass, MORE exciting, MORE violent than the first book.

MORE VIOLENT? How is that possible? 

I know, there has been concern raised regarding the violence in The Savage Fortress and all I can say it was utterly intentional! Hey, it has MONSTERS and DEMONS and DEMON KINGS and their MAN-SLAYING DAUGHTERS and KALI and IMMORTAL SORCERORS and DEMONS and FATE OF THE FRIGGING WORLD AT STAKE STUFF GOIN' DOWN. How could it not be violent?

Yes, arms are ripped off. Yes, there is an unfortunate incident on the road, and yes, and even more unfortunate incident of gore up to your eyeballs and cannibalism (of sorts) and, I think, some torture (more psychological that physical) but I did not set out to right a 'nice' book. Who would read that?!? Not I.

It's a tale of high intensity and high anxiety. But it's a tale of heroism, of sacrifice and of doing what needs to be done. If you're not on the edge of your seat, biting your nails to the bone as you read the book then I'll be rather disappointed. But if you're sitting there thinking 'how much more insane can this go?' and then think, 'wow, REALLY REALLY insane', then I can go to bed knowing my work is done.


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