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And that's a wrap. The Ash Mistry series is DONE.

Wow. It's over. Three books bashed out. Rewrites galore. Many many notebooks filled with plans and ideas and plots and characters and monsters. Lots of mad scribblings on posters with coloured felt-tips.

I feel kinda weird. There are no dancing elephants. There should be. I remember this feeling after doing an exam. At the end of summer term and you're looking out inot the future with 'Now what?'

Ash is been bubbling away since 1996. One day I'll dig up the notebook where I first did his adventures. It was a small pocket thing that I had with me when I travelled around the East on my grand tour. It was a scribbled comic strip then and I even had a go (when I got home) drawing it. Some of the artwork's on this website (the Kali image was the first page). 

Wow. I was in my twenties when I first pondered Ash and a lot of you reading this weren't even born. A lifetime has come and gone in the space between the first sketch and the last page.

Yeah, what next? To be honest it's something I've been pondering quite a while. There have been a few half-good ideas but none string enough to replace the long obssession I've had with Ash.

Well, until a few weeks ago...

It was the first May bank holiday and me and family were packing up the car to drive down to the Isle of Wight for a cycling holiday. The weather was fine. The bikes fixed to teh roof and then I started driving.

And it came to me. Like a choir of angels. It was a total epiphany (look it up).

By the time I was out a whole plot, complete with characters and settings and heroes and villains was it place. Now, less than a month later I'm already 20,000 words into it. 

Can't tell you more but, fingers crossed, this will be the next series. Like Ash, it will come at you like an UNSTOPPABLE FACE PUNCH.

Nevertheless, we have to celebrate the conclusion of the Ash series and herald 'Ash Mistry and the World of Darkness' arrival! Yes, I mean LAUNCH PARTY.

So, get yourselves down to TALES ON MOON LANE, Monday 8th July, 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Awesome bookshop. If you're interested in coming and chatting and shmoozing and whatnot, just leave your name on the comments box thing below!

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